Champion is a photo I took a few years ago during the early construction of Tim Horton’s Field in Hamilton.  I was pleasantly surprised by the composition of the scene when I was observing the construction that I snapped the picture. I converted the shot to a black and white image and played a little with the contrast and brightness, but not much else besides that.

My favourite detail oChampionf the picture is actually the name on the little tractor, Champion. The construction site, Tim Horton’s Field, is the new home of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League. One of the great receivers from Tiger-Cats history was a guy named Tony Champion.  The irony was too good to pass up.


1000524_10151459073462693_764367569_nA few years ago I took this picture in a cemetery.  I find it incredible how many wonderful monuments you can find in cemeteries.  This particular statue simply had to be rendered in a sepia toned photo.  I was very pleased with the result.

This picture was taken long before I learned some techniques for photography so I really did get lucky when it comes to composition of the picture.  I would love to hear what you think of it.


As I promised yesterday this post is about another favourite beverage, thirst quenching beer.  Unlike the coffee and wine posts I’m not currently enjoying a brewsky at the moment.  They would probably frown on it if I cracked a cold one in the library.  I’m enjoying a cup o’ joe instead.  I did however go to Nickle Brook this morning and can a half batch of red ale.  48 tall cans of tasty liquid.

I don’t have anything against the big breweries but I really enjoy trying the craft beers mostly.  A couple of summers ago I met up with a couple of buddies in Toronto at the Mill St. in the distillery district and tried some sample size brews.  The one that stood out for me was the coffee porter.  Combining beer and coffee seemed like a strange idea but, wow what a taste sensation.



The street corner

1174680_10151531042217693_582333124_nOn a trip to Toronto a couple of years ago I net up with a couple of buddies for a street photography day.  One of the shots I took was street corner.  It was a shot that I needed to give an old fashioned look with a sepia tone and a rough border.  There’s something about an old looking picture that I’ve always liked.  This of course was the same trip to Toronto where I tried the Mill St. coffee Porter that I mentioned in the beer posting.


By James Wayne

Paul Blanchard had lived his entire life in Coldwater and had only ever travelled as far as Halifax when the need arose for a purchase for the farm. Halifax was an hour drive away which, when the roads were empty and Paul managed to get some of the traffic lights green could be travelled in fifty minutes. It was those days Paul knew he was lucky and felt confident he could find what he came for on sale. On a day in September four years earlier he had made the trip in exactly forty-seven minutes. Continue reading “Marie”


Earlier today I posted an entry about coffee.  I love coffee.  I have painted a few small canvases of coffee cups, full and steaming of course.  I even use a photo of one, “morning’s best friend,” as my avatar on other websites.

Another beverage I’ve used I a few paintings is wine.  A glass of wine in one hand and a paintbrush in the other is always a relaxing way to spend some time.  The still life I’m currently working on includes wine, and chocolate.

I mostly enjoy red wine although occasionally I do indulge in white, and yes I’m enjoying a glass of wine while I’m typing this entry.  Tomorrow, beer.


A good cup of coffee is one of life’s little pleasures. I’m sure everyone has their favourite coffee shop, be it a small cafe on the corner where you know the person behind the counter by name or a huge chain of coffee shops that you know you’re going to get a superior quality cup o’ Joe  each time you visit. 
Sometimes you want a strong coffee to shake out the sleep or something understated to Sip while reading the newspaper.
Starbucks is the only place you can ask for a tall blond and get a cup of coffee.
There might be a limit to how much coffee the human body can safely consume,  I hope I never reach it.   I love coffee, and yes I’m enjoying a tall blond ad I write this entry.


I’m hoping to have a new and updated website soon.  I’m seriously thinking about switching from Adobe Muse over to Dreamweaver.  Don’t get me wrong, muse is an exceptional program for a beginner site, but now I think I want to move to a somewhat more powerful editor.

Of course the whole idea could very easily be dropped if I can’t get a well enough grasp on the use of Dreamweaver.  If all goes well I’ll be using Dreamweaver and possibly using a new template soon.

In the meantime I’m working on another still life using the master’s techniques.  It has chocolate.

Serene Song

Serene Song
Serene Song

Several years ago I had a need for charcoal pencils. The package I picked up contained one white charcoal pencil which I found a bit surprising. To me, the word “charcoal” has always meant black. Exactly what white charcoal could be useful for was beyond me. I eventually found out.

Me with Sarah Slean at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre

When I was cruising around the Internet, I stumbled across a picture of one of my favourite Canadian singer / songwriters in a concert photo. In the picture, Sarah Slean is playing her piano with her head back looking lost in the song. The picture was dark with stage equipment in the background. Here is where I can use the white charcoal.

I used a piece of black paper with the white charcoal then used a bit of artistic license to remove the equipment and replace it with a single red rose on the piano.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Sarah Slean on two occasions. The first was when I attended a concert of hers in Hamilton at the Hamilton place studio theater. That show I purchased a VIP ticket which included a meet and great before the show. The second was after the show at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre.

Although I have done better work, it remains my favourite piece, and I have no plans to part with it.




A few years ago at the Art Gallery of Ontario I went to the exhibit “Drama and Desire.”  I was one of hte best exhibitions i have seen there.  The idea behind it was to show how theater influenced art and how art influenced theater.

There was a room about halfway in that was all devoted to the work of Edgar Degas.  Each time I went i lingered in that room and soaked in the works of the impressionist master.  I was so inspired by his work that I used his style to paint “Dancer.”  As much as I like the final result, I still much prefer the work of Mr. Degas.