Ah spring.  That special time of year when the snow no longer falls, the air is warm meaning we no longer need to wear a jacket and we get to plant some colour in the garden. 
Spring brings the fantastic aroma of the lilac flowers and the beautiful explosion of colour from the flowers in gardens.  Everything about spring is wondrous with the only exception being, the back breaking work involved in planting said flowers.
Bending down and kneeling on the ground to put flowers in the dirt, although rewarding is not one of my more treasured activities. It is however far preferable to that winter activity, shovelling snow.

Still life with bear

For this piece I used the master’s technique I learned at the Art Gallery of Burlington. I used a theme of hobbies for the setup; books for reading, chess pieces for games, a camera for photography, a stuffed bear for toys and flowers for floral arrangements.

Still_life_with_bearI don’t remember what the vertical books were when I set up the still life but instead of using their titles I spanned the three books with a quote from Ansel Adams about photography. “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

The stuffed bear was something I “won” in a machine. What I like the most about it is it’s wearing the helmet and uniform of the Green Bay Packers, my favourite team in the NFL.

Age is relative

I have come to the realization that I am getting old. A few weeks ago I hit the age of fifty. There was a time about a hundred years ago, fifty years old would be pretty much old age and close to the end for most people. With the improvements in medical sciences continually taking place, fifty might not even be middle age in the future.

For a fifty-year-old, I’m in surprisingly good health, other than some aches and pains. Some days fifty feels more like eighty and others, like today thankfully, it feels more like thirty. Feeling younger than I actually am, I had the music in the car cranked up with some monster truck.