For some time I have wanted to get a Cd player.    The one I used to have died on me a few years ago and although I can play Cd’s through the computer, it’s not as convenient as popping a disk in to a dedicated unit.  The computer in question is a laptop that has to be connected  to the stereo.  If your wondering what has stopped me from getting one,  it’s the price.  The lowest price for a new five disk unit is at least a couple of hundred dollars.
Value village came in quite handy today.  I picked up a Cd player for twenty five dollars, and it works.
I’m now able to listen to music again as I paint, which is what I’m doing now.  We’ll admittedly not at this exact moment because I’m writing this,  but you get the point, right?

Drawing from the Vaults

Last Thursday was the final class in a five week study course at the Art Gallery of Ontario called Drawing from the Vaults.  The course was in the Marvin Gelber print and drawing center where we studied drawings and prints from some of the great artists.

The five weeks went by very quickly, probably because I was enjoying it very much.  I want to post a few of the pieces that I did in the class.

The first pieRembrandtce is a study of a Rembrandt self portrait.  This was a very quick 15 minute compositional study.  I admit a large part of the joy of this class was siting in front of a Rembrandt etching.  The dutch master has always been one of my favorite artists.  I was pleased with what came out of the quick sketch but the eyes do stand out for the wrong reason.  Even so, it was a fast sketch and I won’t change it. Continue reading “Drawing from the Vaults”


Have you ever had a night that you wake up after a couple of hours of sleep and then you can’t stop thinking about, we’ll anything? That’s me right now.
I managed to fall asleep really fast tonight but at three in the morning my brain decided it was the right time to click back on and started letting anything from the NBA final to the colour of the bedroom walls in.  The worst part is I’ll probably drift off into a coma in a couple of hours only to have a horrible time trying to wake up when the alarm sounds.
I hate insomnia.