In the morning I will be picking up a 2015 Ford Escape. There is excitement in driving a much newer car than I have had, but admittedly, there is also some sadness.
I’ve never been someone who gets a new car every two or three years. I like to get as many years as I can out of a car after the payments are finished. This is not the first time I’m getting a new car and won’t be the last either, but this time it seems a little different.
I have had my Saturn for over ten years. There have been many repairs in those years, some frustrating moments and more than a few times I’ve screamed at the car. There have also been many wonderful memories. Some great drives up to North Ontario; two months in Timmins in January where I had no trouble getting around even though it was January and February and the snow was deep; drives to some of Ontario’s Provincial parks. I have even slept in the car. The seats in the Saturn recline right back and it is surprisingly comfortable.
It’s an old car. The Saturn is sixteen years old. It has a radio and a CD player only. There is no syncing with a cell phone and it doesn’t have a USB port. It is and old car. I will miss it. A few years ago, my favourite football team, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats moved into a brand-new stadium. New concessions; new washrooms; new and much roomier seats. It’s a great new stadium and I love going there to watch football games. I also miss the old stadium. I miss Ivor Wynne Stadium. It was old. It was run down and crumbling. It had cold and ugly washrooms. It had concessions where you might legitimately question whether the food was safe to eat. It was also a wonderful place to watch a football game. Ivor Wynne Stadium had character. It had the spirits of the players and games that have passed through. For all it’s crumbling structure, I still miss the old place just as I will miss my Saturn.
I do have some solace however. The Saturn will see some more life. The Saturn will make one more long trip up to Sault Ste. Marie. It will find some retirement as it will be used to teach my nephew how to drive a manual transmission. The Saturn will see some trips from the Sault to Goulais River. The Saturn can be where my nephew learns how to change oil and maybe learn how to do car repairs.
It has been a very good car to me. I will miss the Saturn. Tonight, I drove it one final time. I then raised a glass and toasted my old friend. To you ‘02 Saturn.