Update to site

I’ve updated my website today with a new menu.  Through Muse themes I found a widget that creates a menu that is far more editable than what I could use through the widgets library.

Although I have used it on the current website, I’m also working to replace it with a responsive site in the near future.

Thanks for visiting.


As of late I have not been able to do much in the way of painting or drawing.  The reason for that is where I work has been undergoing some renovations which I have been a part of leaving me little to no time or energy to lift a brush. 

The renovations are nearing an end. Soon I will be able to hold a brush in my right hand and a glass of wine in my right.  I can’t tell you how much I look forward to it. 

Drawing from the Vaults

Last Thursday was the final class in a five week study course at the Art Gallery of Ontario called Drawing from the Vaults.  The course was in the Marvin Gelber print and drawing center where we studied drawings and prints from some of the great artists.

The five weeks went by very quickly, probably because I was enjoying it very much.  I want to post a few of the pieces that I did in the class.

The first pieRembrandtce is a study of a Rembrandt self portrait.  This was a very quick 15 minute compositional study.  I admit a large part of the joy of this class was siting in front of a Rembrandt etching.  The dutch master has always been one of my favorite artists.  I was pleased with what came out of the quick sketch but the eyes do stand out for the wrong reason.  Even so, it was a fast sketch and I won’t change it. Continue reading “Drawing from the Vaults”

Serene Song

Serene Song
Serene Song

Several years ago I had a need for charcoal pencils. The package I picked up contained one white charcoal pencil which I found a bit surprising. To me, the word “charcoal” has always meant black. Exactly what white charcoal could be useful for was beyond me. I eventually found out.

Me with Sarah Slean at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre

When I was cruising around the Internet, I stumbled across a picture of one of my favourite Canadian singer / songwriters in a concert photo. In the picture, Sarah Slean is playing her piano with her head back looking lost in the song. The picture was dark with stage equipment in the background. Here is where I can use the white charcoal.

I used a piece of black paper with the white charcoal then used a bit of artistic license to remove the equipment and replace it with a single red rose on the piano.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Sarah Slean on two occasions. The first was when I attended a concert of hers in Hamilton at the Hamilton place studio theater. That show I purchased a VIP ticket which included a meet and great before the show. The second was after the show at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre.

Although I have done better work, it remains my favourite piece, and I have no plans to part with it.