It’s been quite some time since my last blog entry.  The truth is, I’ve been enjoying the summer weather so much that being outside has been my first and frankly only thought.  Now that the seasons have changed, and the temperature has dropped it’s time to be indoors more.  Here’s a quick update on what I’ve been up to in the last couple of months.

In mid October I took a couple of trips to Ontario Provincial Parks.  The first was for two nights in a yurt at the Pinery on Lake Huron.  Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate with me.  If it wasn’t raining it was cloudy for the entire time.  It will be destination to repeat as there were trails and a beach that I simply must photograph and paint.  I was pleased that at least it didn’t rain in the evenings and I could still enjoy my campfires.

The second week I had much clearer skies for the trip to Algonquin Park.  Even though the leaves had for the most part changed colour and fallen, there was still a fair abundance left on the branches.  There will be more trips there as I had only three nights and not nearly enough time to accomplish much.  I did take almost five hundred pictures, the majority of which will be stitched together into panoramas.  Over the winter months many of the shots I took can be used for paintings in the studio.

Both the Pinery and the Mew Lake campgrounds are open year-round.  This winter I’m hoping to make short trips to each for some winter photography.  They both feature heated yurts after all.

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Update to site

I’ve updated my website today with a new menu.  Through Muse themes I found a widget that creates a menu that is far more editable than what I could use through the widgets library.

Although I have used it on the current website, I’m also working to replace it with a responsive site in the near future.

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Evening Trees

The first photograph I’ve finished has been uploaded.  With a total of four-hundred and sixty-one to go through, I could be putting up pictures from the North Ontario trip for some time.

The nights I spent in the two provincial Parks were very special.  Seeping in a car may not be the most comfortable experience, but it was tolerable.  The most magical night of the three was the last.  The first two nights at Halfway Lake I had a bright moon both nights.  At Chuttes, the moon didn’t come up right away so I had a magnificent Star field.

Evening Trees is a small panorama I caught on the way back.  After the Tobermory ferry it was evening and the sun was low on the horizon.  Seeing thevening-treese sky and the sun through the trees, I had to stop and shoot it.

I took three shots and merged them in Adobe Lightroom.  Very little was adjusted aside from removing a signpost and some power wires in Photoshop.

On vacation 

This is week two of my  vacation in Northern Ontario.  After a couple of nights at Halfway Lake provincial park I went to visit my sister and family in Sault Ste Marie. Our  this day I made it to Chuttes provincial park just outside of Massey. When I get back to Burlington on Wednesday night, I have the task of going through all the pictures I’ve taken.  There are quite a few good ones that I will put on my site in the following weeks. 

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Next Tuesday I will be heading up to Northern Ontario for a vacation.  With the seasons soon changing I’m hoping to get some fall colours on the trees, however with the late season heat wave we’ve been getting I doubt there will be much in the way of reds, yellows or oranges.  There will however be plenty of time for watercolour sketching provided the skies don’t start to drop water on me.

The plan is to spend some time in a couple of Provincial Parks.  The first one will be Halfway Lake and the second, Chutes Provincial park just outside of the bustling metropolis of Massey.  With some luck I should finish with plenty of material to do some landscape paintings in studio over the winter and hopefully several quality photographs.


Champion is a photo I took a few years ago during the early construction of Tim Horton’s Field in Hamilton.  I was pleasantly surprised by the composition of the scene when I was observing the construction that I snapped the picture. I converted the shot to a black and white image and played a little with the contrast and brightness, but not much else besides that.

My favourite detail oChampionf the picture is actually the name on the little tractor, Champion. The construction site, Tim Horton’s Field, is the new home of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League. One of the great receivers from Tiger-Cats history was a guy named Tony Champion.  The irony was too good to pass up.


1000524_10151459073462693_764367569_nA few years ago I took this picture in a cemetery.  I find it incredible how many wonderful monuments you can find in cemeteries.  This particular statue simply had to be rendered in a sepia toned photo.  I was very pleased with the result.

This picture was taken long before I learned some techniques for photography so I really did get lucky when it comes to composition of the picture.  I would love to hear what you think of it.

The street corner

1174680_10151531042217693_582333124_nOn a trip to Toronto a couple of years ago I net up with a couple of buddies for a street photography day.  One of the shots I took was street corner.  It was a shot that I needed to give an old fashioned look with a sepia tone and a rough border.  There’s something about an old looking picture that I’ve always liked.  This of course was the same trip to Toronto where I tried the Mill St. coffee Porter that I mentioned in the beer posting.