For the past several weeks I have been taking tutorials on how to use Adobe Dreamweaver from trainsimple.com.  At first the program is very daunting but once I began to see the power in it’s ability to edit html, I got hooked on learning more and more.  Currently I’m taking the tutorials on bootstrap to create a responsive website.

Hopefully in the not too distant future I will be able to switch from Adobe Muse to Dreamweaver for the site.  Although Muse is an easy program to use it does create some code that even a novice can find quite cluttered.



I’m hoping to have a new and updated website soon.  I’m seriously thinking about switching from Adobe Muse over to Dreamweaver.  Don’t get me wrong, muse is an exceptional program for a beginner site, but now I think I want to move to a somewhat more powerful editor.

Of course the whole idea could very easily be dropped if I can’t get a well enough grasp on the use of Dreamweaver.  If all goes well I’ll be using Dreamweaver and possibly using a new template soon.

In the meantime I’m working on another still life using the master’s techniques.  It has chocolate.