It’s been cold here. The cold and dry air has been a bit harsh on my breathing but the weather is a bit better now. The restaurant opening is done and now I have a few hours off in the day so I can get a few drawings done.

So far it looks like I will have Thursday off and the weather is supposed to be good. It might be a photography morning. 

New Year and the Website

Lately I haven’t been doing much with the website.  Although I do have a few sketches to put on, I simply haven’t been able to find the time or the energy to actually do it.  I do plan on rectifying that in the near future.

As we change the calendar, for the first few weeks I will be busier than usual when I head up to Timmins in Northern Ontario to help in the opening of a restaurant.  After that is complete, I plan to spend a bit of time each day doing something with the website, even if it’s a simple blog entry.

Until my next post, thanks for reading.

It’s Autumn

You can feel it in the air.  The temperature is going down, the sun is out a little less every day and the even the clouds look a little different.

On the plus side there is the quite beautiful colour changing of the leaves and the fact that football is in heavy rotation this time of year.  The CFL is in the stretch run and the NFL has begun so for a football lover like me, it’s heavenly.  The down side however is that soon it will be freezing outside and instead of mowing the lawn it will be shoveling the white (expletive deleted).

This December I will be up in Timmins for a month or two helping to open a restaurant.  During my stay I will have some opportunities to get some winter photography and painting in the North of Ontario.  I can’t let an opportunity like that slip by.

Until my next post, thanks for reading.