I’m originally from Montreal.  More specifically Brossard.  It’s a suburb of Montreal right across the river.  We moved to Ontario when I was 10 years old to the town of Ajax.  Ajax has grown significantly since then and I still have many relatives there but I now live in Burlington, Ontario.  I did spend 5 years in Sudbury running a restaurant and still work in the restaurant business.


I have a hobby, one that I think I'm pretty good at.  Drawing and painting have been my hobby for some time now, but I'm also now getting into photography.  Going out on a picture safari occasionally is very relaxing.  I like to go through the pictures afterward and decide whether they will make a good photograph or if it can be used in a drawing or painting.



I’ve been living in Burlington again for the past 11 years after 5 years in Sudbury.  Mostly self-taught, I have taken some classes at the Burlington Art Center (now the Art Gallery of Burlington).  I want to continue learning so I can improve my painting and photography.




"If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced."



Vincent Van Gogh


  • Burlington Art Centre Art auction
  • Kaleidoscope at the Burlington Art Centre
  • Small is Beautiful (Art Gallery of Burlington)
  • Self by Self (Art Gallery of Burlington
  • Artist walk
  • Member of the Burlington Fine Arts Association



Nelson High School

  • Painting in Acrylic

    In 2006 I took this course with instructor Deborah Pierce.  I painted Winter Holiday during this time.

  • Still Life Workshop

    Also in 2006, I took this course with Eric Brittan.  I was shown the concept of cartoons and transferring drawings to the primed support, a technique I found invaluable.

  • Oil Painting: Introductory Level

    In 2007, I took this course with Philip Grant.  Course Outline: Give the student a basic understanding in the fundamentals of painting with oils, allowing the student to explore techniques and visual perceptions of basic oil painting.

    Techniques with oil paint, preparation of a canvas, alternative surfaces, brush work, colour theory, composition and design, and safe handling of materials are covered.

  • Watercolour Pencils

    I tool this course in 2007 with Frances Tyrrell.  Although I haven't used watercolour pencils very often, I have used watercolours and have found some ease in the way the pencils can be used.

  • Beyond the Portrait

    This was an enjoyable course that I took in 2008 with Deborah Pierce.  We used live models and learned to create mood and let the figure tell a story.

  • Photography fundamentals I

    My first photography course from 2008 with Edward Eastman.  The course outline: Teaches at an introductory level photographic principals that apply to the beginner and the serious hobby photographer.

  • Portrait Painting

    In 2009 I took this course with Judy Mayer Grieve.

  • Master Techniques

    In 2010 I took this class with Julie Donec.  The course covered the techniques used by the Renaissance masters.  I painted my copy of DaVinci's "La Belle Feronierre" in this class as well as my study of Durer's "Praying Hands."  I enjoyed this class that I took it a second time during which I painted "Bouquet and a Cross.

  • Introduction to Watercolour

    This class from 2011 was also with Julie Donec.  I learned techniques that I applied to paint "Sliding in to Home."

  • Landscape in Oils

    In 2012, again with instructor Julie Donec.

  • Landscape in Oils

    Further work in oils doing landscapes

  • Photography level

    Learned more fundamentals on using a DSLR camera.  Particular focus was on night photography.

Wayne Miller